Mental Health & Trauma


Our “Healing Horses” program serves children, teens and adults who experience Trauma, PTSD, and mental health issues including Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar and ADD. Equine assisted counseling helps clients explore their feelings and work through communication challenges. This is a treatment that includes activities in an equine environment that promotes growth in the areas of emotional regulation, symptom management and increased self-awareness. 

Horses are magnificent animals that are unbiased and mirror the client’s behavior and emotions. These two characteristics help bridge the gap for a client to understand and begin the healing process that otherwise might not get translated in a closed-door therapy session. Our licensed therapist along with an equine specialist work with children, teens, adults, during a one-hour scheduled session.

Our specialized areas of treatment


Trust in self & others

Empathy & Understanding

ADD / ADHD / Impulse control

Social Skills & Social Awareness

Emotional Awareness


Developing and maintaining relationships